Primal Dancing

primal dancerHeat comes in the form of motion and motion is the dance of the Divine, the constant regenerative process of the universe, in the form of dance is one precursor for coming into a deep knowing of yourself as an act of sacred ritual. I have been taught to build my internal heat through strenuous, ecstatic dance - dance that is so deeply expressive and trance inducing that it enfolds my attention inwardly. Through this ritual dance, I give myself permission to experience profound surrender. The Native American phrase "dance is the breath of life made visible " keenly expresses this concept of movement. (Shaking Gong- and the shaking done by the Twa.)

In the Primal Mind Jamake Highwater observes that: "Until very recently, western people were cut off from their own bodies and from expressive activities by their own constraints and embarrassment. They lacked a body that could function in harmony with their own ideas and feelings. Consequently they tended to leave the dancing to the primitives. Without an articulate body, people cannot participate in their world or, for that matter, in their own emotional lives."11 Our experience of our body is essential in the healing process. We have a body so that we may have an experience. We have a body so that we may personify the G-o-ddess. There is no life without motion. Motion is the pattern which buttresses (strengthens) all existence.

Through deep movement we can redirect the flow of energy to facilitate health, integration and wholeness. As our bodies move in dance, we become unstuck from a fixed reality and are more open to receive higher information. Through the magic of dancing, the deity flowers within our bodies. We delve into our spiritual presence and discover the immediacy of a sensual relationship with nature. Dancing moves us out of fixity into flow; flow being synonymous with health. Without a direct experience of my body, the healing process is thwarted. With dance the prayer (spirit) enters into every cell of my body.