About Dr. Namonyah Soipan


Dr. Namonyah Soipan Ph.D. L.Ac. DAOM is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Shamanistic Transpersonal Psychologist, and a Healing Workshop Facilitator who has led experiences in Japan, the UK, Amsterdam, Belgium, Afrika, India, Thailand, the US, and the Caribbean.

At the heart of Dr. Namonyah’s journey, and her work in the world, lies a dedication to understanding the human experience and desire to help people find their way through loss, hardship, illness, abuse, and emotional scars. With over 3 decades in transformative work, Namonyah has walked the road less traveled, from living with the Maasai People in Africa to her devoted studies of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, and Eastern Medicine.

Her early years were marked by a yearning for something more, something different. A major turning point set her on a path of self-knowledge that eventually led her to the Maasai lands in Kenya when she was 25.

Her time with the Maasai was a spiritual awakening. Living in harmony with nature and engaging in rites of passage, she discovered the healing power within herself. Returning home a year later; she experienced intense Soul Loss, the healing process of Soul Retrieval, and exposure to diverse spiritual teachings that built on her background in Psychology, and became integral to her understanding of medicine.

Her exploration expanded across various traditions, from Native American practices to the metaphysics of Hebrew and the lifestyle of Taoism, echoing the principles of Chinese Medicine. At 53, she answered the call to study Chinese medicine, embarking on a journey that led to her graduation at 61. 7+ years later, she stands as a testament to the transformative power of alternative medicine – embodying what she teaches, helping her patients to heal at her temple; the Center for Sacred Dialogue in the heart of Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, and writing her book; Activating Thunder.

Namonyah’s approach goes beyond the conventional, offering a holistic perspective that integrates mind, body, and spirit. As a healer, guide, and teacher, Namonyah invites you to join her on the road less traveled, where the adventure of self-discovery awaits.